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You know how people say “confidence is sexy”? I completely disagree. Confidence is NOT attractive at all to me. People who are conceited that think they are better than everyone else annoy me and I don’t find it appealing at all. Even if someone can manage to be confident without being cocky it is still intimidating. You know what’s hot? Insecurity! No low self esteem is not a good thing but being a little awkward (naturally truly awkward not 12 year old omgz so random XD but like genuinely socially awkward just a little bit) makes you seem like an actual human. I don’t know why this is such an unpopular opinion after all one direction has a whole song about it “you don’t know you’re beautiful that’s what makes you beautiful” even though I don’t really like 1d or that song the point is I personally don’t think confidence is attractive and I have a preference for awkward insecure people!